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Getting Involved in the ICC World Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship is an international league tournament for Test playing nations, which will be held annually starting from July 2021. It is designed to be the premier annual Test tournament. The format of the tournament is so different from all the others that it is expected to stand out. In contrast to the four Tests that are played during the year as part of the quadrangular format, this is a ten-match affair with four games being played at a time. The teams qualify based on their performance in the previous four matches.

The top team from each side receives the title “Champions” and the bottom one will be forced to join the standing in the tournament that they had just missed. The champion’s trophy is usually the only item which can be taken by a player during the entire tournament. However there is the option for an additional one. This extra one is known as the “Pujara Pillows” which comes with an engraved ribbon and a matchbox.

After the tournament, the champion’s trophy and the winning bowler’s hat are handed over to the remaining teams. The remaining tournaments thereafter are known as the Associate or Affiliate tournaments. There are three Associates and the top two teams in each will qualify for the world test championship. While the Associates play their games in an ordinary three-day schedule, the Associates play their games over a four day period. The top teams in each tournament qualify for the tournament, which is held in another country.

There are five teams who have won the first championship in the second edition. They are the champion of the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the European championships. The other four teams have yet to win a world test championship.

The format for the tournament is still on the works as there are negotiations for a new set up. No date has yet been fixed for the second edition of the world test championship. The format might be determined by the results of the first tournament. There are also rumors about some teams playing in their second consecutive world tournament. Whether those rumors will come to pass or not, will be known after the tournament starts in August.

If your favorite team does not qualify for the tournament, you can still have a great tournament with your favorite teams. You just need to qualify for the Champions’ League. You can have a choice of playing all the other teams in the Champions’ League or just select two from the three teams that you believe can be part of the world test championship. In case of a draw, the best team qualifies for the finals. That is the way the ranking system stands now, so take advantage of it and qualify for the Champions’ League.

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