The Trend of Mobile Apps and Gaming

mobile gaming trend

From utility apps such as CNN and Bloomberg that deliver fresh updates on the go, to productivity ones like Spotify that lean more toward Millennials, modern digital innovators have changed the world drastically. These days, the X and Y generations seem to find common ground when it comes to this third type of technology: immersive apps.

A couple of years back, the world saw a surge in gaming. The Guardian reported that in the United States alone, more than 59% of Americans play either on their mobiles, computers, or consoles – numbers that cater to a wide range of people. In fact, it is forecasted that these statistics will only get bigger from here on out. Gaming Realms, a company that owns popular next-generation game Spin Genie, estimates the lively market to develop into a $42 billion industry. With this, mobile gaming companies around the globe have constantly come up with nifty solutions for almost every facet in life. And our very own sport of cricket is no different. For that reason alone, here are some of the best immersive, utility, and productivity cricket apps for the iPhone:

Immersive Apps

Stick Cricket is arguably the best and most entertaining cricket game available at the App Store. This immersive app throws convention and realism out the window, and shows fans a different side of the sport. Users control a stick figure cricketer with the main goal of whacking down deliveries beyond the boundary. On the other hand, for a more realistic experience, World Cricket Championship takes the top spot. Cricket fans take full control of the batting, footwork, and shot selection throughout the game. For an iPhone game, WCC’s graphics and gameplay stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Utility Apps

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News features a user-friendly interface that gives fans quick ball-by-ball scores and commentary. What’s more, the app presents iPhone users an option to set up notifications for their preferred matches. Other apps worth mentioning are The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App, Yahoo Cricket, and Star Sports Cricket Scores.

Productivity Apps

In terms of productivity apps for cricket, Twitter will always be the top choice. Cricket aficionados can easily get the latest buzz around the sport by following trusted pundits such as David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, Jonathan Agnew, and Mark Butcher. Additionally, there’s also the CricHQ Cricket App that provides fans a hands-on experience by allowing them to make and view an easy-to-use 3D wagon wheel. In essence, this gives them an opportunity to analyse a match as it goes along.