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CricketGaming is back, the 2015 Return

Cricket Gaming

Cricket Gaming

Many of our old visitors might have noticed that CricketGaming was unavailable for the last 18 months. We are sorry for the inconvenience but unfortunately the server crashed and we lost most of the data of our website. Luckily, from the bits and pieces, we have done our best to recover the site and finally we’re back for the people. However, with this re-launch of our website, we have also decided to completely shut down the Forums area of CricketGaming. There are many reasons for this which includes inactivity and non-maintenance of the forums section. We deeply regret that all the downloads and patches which were hosted on our forums will no longer be available.

Since, we don’t have the forums section, we have decided to open the Download & Patch section on our main portal. Users can submit their patches, modifications and other downloads through “Submit Downloads” section of our website. All the submitted patches will undergo moderation and will be posted on the main page of our website and the file will be hosted on our server (if required).

We cannot promise at this moment, but we will definitely try our best to bring the forums back in future but it all depends on the response and upcoming time.

If you are experiencing any issues while using the website, please report us immediately here.


Welcome Back,


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