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File Name: Brian Lara Cricket 99 Patch v1.0 (3.07 MB) Download
Author: Stumped (Uploaded by Stumped)
Date Added: 11-12-2009
Downloads: 111
Grade: Not Rated
BRIAN LARA CRICKET PATCH 1.0 - designed and published by CODEMASTERS

This Patch has been released to make a few tweaks and fixes to the existing
Brian Lara Cricket game after feedback from users.

In no particular order:

* Enhanced Helmet Cam - follows bowling cursor before bowler bowls
* Fix for Wides
* Fix for Computer fielding restrictions in 50 over matches
* Over now moves on a ball after lbw appeals
* Fix for occasional third umpire commentary no longer cut off
* Fix for World XI badge glitch (OLDTIMER cheat)
* Fixed pitch glitches on some D3D cards
* Declaring no longer adds 1 run to score
* Ball seaming tweaked
* Fixed clock hands during rain break in D3D
* Fix for follow-on menu
* 1 Day AI tweaks
* Bilinear Filtering Cheat now on SETTINGS menu (3D card only)


* Ensure you have the updated graphics and sound drivers installed on your machine.
See the HELP file for websites of Graphics card manufacturers.
Possible symptoms:
Sound - Keyboard lock-up at coin toss (commentary can't play to trigger completion)
Graphics cards - Random crash (most likely incorrect or out of date drivers)
3DFX card - Go to Display Properties and select SWEEP under 3DFX
options to ensure no rogue drivers are clashing.
* Ensure you have FULLY installed DirectX 6. If you are unsure, install it again from the
game cd and it will update where necessary.
* Close down all other programs and applications before running the game
* Digital cameras can cause a keyboard lock at the coin toss. Please ensure that
these are disconnected before running the game.
* If the Movies are not playing correctly, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the
Indeo Video utility provided on the CD.
* Use Full Installation if you are having problems with CD access during commentary.
this copies all sound files to your hard drive and won't have to access the CD-ROM for
the commentary. The CD is still required to play the game.

Indeo 5 is in the indeo5 directory, if your computer is not capable of playing the avis.

Run IV5Play.exe to install

To install Microsoft ADPCM:

1) Open Settings from your start bar.

2) Open Control Panel.

3) Select Add/Remove Programs.

4) Click on the Windows Setup Tab.

5) Click on the Multimedia setting until there is a tick against a white box next to it.

6) Follow the Windows instructions.


* Sound / Commentary delay with the OPTI930 soundcard
* Possible sound delays with Diamond Monster MX-300
* Problems with the combination of some Diamond Stealth cards and the Orchid Righteous 3DFX
* Riva 128 4MB cards - the 4MB versions of the Riva 128 cards might not perform as well as other 4MB
cards with BLC. If you have one of these cards and suffer from low frame rate then you should try
the SOFTWARE version.
* Occasional commentary stuttering - this might occur with some types of CD drive. If you find this
is the case then a MAXIMUM install will solve the problem.

Techinical Issues: Customer Service
[email protected]

We are always interested in feedback from our end-users so please email or send in your suggestions
and comments to
Cricket Development Department
PO Box 6,
Leamington Spa,
United Kingdom
email: [email protected]
You do not have permission to download files

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