Betting on Cricket: The Ultimate Guide


Cricket is a dynamic sport that has a lot of appeal to punters. Many tournaments and individual games are held every year, from Test Matches to the Ashes. If you are a betting enthusiast, there are dozens of betting sites where you can place your wagers and dive right into the action. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to cricket betting, you can always get better.

Before we start we want to talk about responsible gambling and gaming. Cricket betting, like any other betting, should be treated with respect. Another factor to consider is where you place your bets. There are many illegitimate betting companies.

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Popular Cricket Bets

For you to be an expert at cricket betting, you need to have a low down on the most profitable bets. It would be best to find what works for you in your betting adventures, especially if you’re a newbie. Here are some of the most popular cricket bets.

Match Betting

Arguably, this is the most common type of cricket waging. Most punters prefer match betting since they only need to predict whether their favorite teams will win, lose, or draw.

Completed Match

This type of betting is popular with one-day matches. In this case, you bet on whether a game will be finished in one day or not. Conversely, you can place a bet that the game won’t be completed within one day due to uncontrollable factors such as poor weather.

Innings Run

For this type of wager, you need to forecast the number of runs that will get scored during the first innings of a match. Often, you’ll find this cricket bet as an under/over wager. A bookmarker will post a specific number of expected runs. After that, you’ll have to choose whether the final score will be over or under that number.

Top Bowler

Some sportsbooks allow you to place bets on the performance of individual players. In this case, you’re required to select a player who you think will take the highest wickets during a game or series.

Cricket Betting Tips

Although winning a cricket bet is a matter of chance, there’s still so much that you can do to increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips that can help you become a champion bettor.

Understand the Players

Most cricket players perform well in all competitions. However, others are known to play exceptionally well in specific matches. For instance, most Indian, Indonesian, and Pakistani batsmen rarely make an impact when touring Australia, South Africa, and England. Back home, their pitches tend to be slow besides having a lower bounce compared to what they find when touring.

Likewise, English players tend to struggle when touring the Indian sub-continent. Knowing which players perform well across the board, and those that struggle in certain conditions can go a long way in helping you win your bets. Before waging your money on the outcome of a match, ensure that you know the players, their specific skills-set, and their preferred playing conditions.

Understand the Condition of the Pitch

As illustrated above, the condition of a pitch is instrumental to a cricket bettor. How quick a pitch deteriorates, and its overall condition, can either enhance or hamper players’ performance. As a bettor, you should have this information at your fingertips since it has a significant impact on players’ performance.

Check the Weather Forecast

The prevailing weather on match day determines whether there will be play in the first place, as well as the nature of the game. This highlights why cricket bettors should always be keen on the weather forecast. In case there is plenty of cloud cover, most swing bowlers have an advantage. As a result, batting totals tend to be lower than usual.

If it’s sunny, faster bowlers tend to receive less assistance, something that gives the batsman an edge. Generally, poor weather reduces the number of overs, especially in one-day matches. This clearly shows that the weather has a massive impact on the outcome of cricket matches and that punters should not overlook the weather forecast.

Betting on cricket can be an excellent way of learning more about the sport, more so if you are a fan. If you are a new bettor, you should take the time to learn and ease yourself into betting. Consider starting with low amounts of money so that you keep your losses down. As you get a better understanding of the dynamics of cricket betting, you can begin to wage bigger amounts.

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