Do We Need More Cricket Themed Online Slots

Well, the obvious answer to the question from the title would be ‘Yes’, a loud and unequivocal yes! After all, if you’re a cricket fan, but you also like to try your luck on the slot machines from time to time, then you would surely like at least a bit of variety.

Speaking of variety, the current situation is this – there is one online slot game with a cricket theme called Cricket Star and another one, but more on the second game later. This game was developed by Microgaming, one of the leading, if not the largest, online slots developer and it is available at a wide range of casinos. If you like to know more about the game, you can look it in the SlotsWise online slots section and see what the slots experts have to say about it.


Cricket Star

This is a slot that comes with a standard layout – five reels and three rows and there are 243 ways to win. It is pretty colourful, well, at least the cricketeers that you’ll see on the reels are wearing shirts in different colours – red, blue, green and yellow, and you will also see the cheering crowd as one of the symbols. Basically, it is a pretty straightforward online slot, very similar to slot games featuring other sports such as football. While football fans can indulge in a huge selection of games and try their luck on over dozen different football-themed games, cricket aficionados will have to be satisfied with Cricket Star, at least for now that is.


Online Gambling In India

If you look at gambling regulations in India and the legality of online casinos you will realise that it is a complicated matter, but the market is massive and sooner or later the authorities will realise that it is better to allow players to place wagers at legal, regulated sites than at dodgy, illegal offshore sites.

Of course, India might be the largest country where cricket is a major sport, but it is by no means the only such country. And frankly, considering the interest in cricket in the UK and other countries with a pretty liberal approach to gambling, it is a bit surprising that there is just one online slot with a cricket theme.


Cricket Legends And What The Future Holds

The fact that we have one such game and that it was developed and released by one of the industry giants is a clear indicator that there is obvious interest for this sort of games. And soon after the release of Cricket Star, another cricket themed game went live – Cricket Legends. A game with a similar theme and layout as Cricket Star, Cricket Legends was designed primarily for the Indian market and is currently only available at the Indian version of a popular casino site.

Considering how large the Indian gambling market is, and India’s love of cricket we can expect at least few new cricket slots to be released in the upcoming period.

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