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Interesting facts and history of cricket

For our newbies that just got into cricket, today we prepared some exciting things and facts about the history of cricket. We hope you’ll like this article because cricket is a game with rich history and origins. And we are absolutely happy to share it with people worldwide who are passionate about the game. So, enjoy, and keep playing!


Even though the history of cricket has some blurry parts, it’s a genuine belief that cricket first came as a children’s game in England. The precise time of the invention of cricket is unknown, but what we do know is that cricket was invented sometime during the medieval period of England. Fun fact is that the first and the earliest mentioning of cricket was actually in a court case which was basically about ownership of a small piece of land. The witness talked about cricket as a game that’s being played anywhere in the world for the first time. And he became famous for that. Also, the exciting thing is that the very same witness later became a coroner for the queen of England. Of course, the cricket from those times and cricket from today is definitely not the same. Although it had its momentum and differences even back then, cricket indeed didn’t go through its most significant evolution until the 18th century England. Even though cricket was popular in London even in 1707, there were still different kinds of cricket that attracted a considerable chunk of audience. Some of the types were your regular cricket, which is of course played by two teams with eleven people. And also the single wicket, which is the same as regular cricket, only it’s an individual game. And that means that it’s played by two people only.


Now, a fascinating thing about this is the fact that one of the most famous cricket clubs called Marylebone cricket club was formed sometime around 1787. And believe it or not, it’s still one of the greatest cricket clubs, even today. Today they offer to coach to new players, and they’re still going strong. Of course, during the time this club was first founded, cricket was not an international sport yet. That didn’t happen until the 19th century, and the British empire worked hard to spread the game around the world. From then on, it was played in various countries, like Australia, India (and it’s still popular today there), New Zealand, and Africa. But even with that information, a fun fact is that the first international cricket match was held between Canada and the United States of America, respectfully. And after that, the first batch of Britain players went to the USA for their first overseas match as well.


If you like this article, we are delighted, and we wish you a happy future playing the game. It’s better to be an avid sportsman and a real gentleman than to play best sex games and to ingest drugs, even though we don’t judge and we are happy to help anyone.

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