Live Casinos vs. Standard Online Casinos

When online casinos first started appearing and operating, many people weighed in the pros and cons of going online, as opposed to the land-based casino floors everyone knew. Nowadays, it’s more or less the same issue, with the distinctions being drawn up between online casinos as the older format, and live dealer casinos as the new invention on the block.

Considering the fact that live dealer casino games are available as a section of online casino operators’ platforms, there are necessarily going to be many likenesses. Nevertheless, this allows the distinctions between the two to come out all the more striking.


Live Dealers vs. RNG

While this is the primary and core distinction between regular online casinos, i.e. their game selection specifically, and live dealer casino games, not everyone are aware of the ways in which it affects their gameplay and ultimately winning potential.

On the one hand, standard online casino platforms make use of Random Number Generators – specific software that produces numbers and thus, outcomes in a random, unbiased manner. While this is no different than a secure and reliable live dealer or even completely land-based casino, it affects the gameplay.
This is most evident in card games, which are normally restricted in deck number at other establishments, but don’t make use of actual card decks at online casinos. Namely, the RNG simply generates cards (numbers) without account for deck number – a nuance for blackjack counters particularly.

On the other hand, there are live dealer casinos, which function practically the same as regular, land-based casino floors. The game selection at these establishments is somewhat restricted, as not all game types fit the format. However, the top popular blackjack, baccarat and roulette versions are definitely suitable for a live dealer casino adaptation.

These games make use of real, living dealers, trained to deal cards for the respective table games. Most importantly, they employ actual card decks and shoes for this process, meaning that a skilled blackjack player, per say, could count cards and bend the odds to their favour should they be able to.


Interaction vs. One-way entertainment

Some players prefer and actually enjoy the peace and quiet of their own home when engaging in their gambling entertainment. While this is an advisable practice, considering that you are risking your hard earned cash, others require the original hustle and bustle of the casino floor, or at least communication with their dealer in order to enjoy their gambling exploits.

Online casinos like in their standard format fall short in terms of interaction, as they mainly provide one-way entertainment. While there are numerous platforms that feature a chat option, with numerous rooms and topics that can be accessed at the middle of gameplay, live dealer casinos provide face-to-face contact with the actual dealer. While dealers are looking straight at the broadcasting camera, they are normally equipped with a microphone and can interact with the players, who get a full-on preview of the table settings for the ultimate casino experience.