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What is Limit in Cricket Betting? Learn more here!

Learn to find out more what is Limit in Cricket betting or what punters need to know before they can play Limit in Cricket Betting.

What is Limit in Cricket Betting?

For anyone who is interested in cricket betting, he must understand that this field is like Trading. You can become a very successful cricket punter if you follow rules of the game to perfection. Limit is another interesting term in the world of cricket betting. Limit means the maximum amount a cricket punter can lose when they place their bets on a particular match or game. Before the start of the game, a punter needs to fix their losing amount. The informations of this article come partly from

How can a Punter determine his Limit in Cricket Betting?

If a cricket punter wants to execute his limit in cricket betting, then he must be aware of all the procedures. For example, if he has invested 50,000 thousand rupees, then it means that his limit per match is 5000 thousand rupees. The total investment that a cricket punter makes is divided by 10. This certainly becomes your limit for a particular one game or match. Now, it is decided that the cricket punter can lose more than 5000 rupees in a particular game.

Is Limit in Cricket Betting a lucrative way to earn money?

For example, if you are not that good in cricket betting you can make a lot of money through your predictions. There is a game played between India and Pakistan and the rate for is 40 to 60. This means if you place your bet on India winning, you will get 20000 rupees, but if India loses the game, then you lose your limit amount i.e. 5,000 rupees.

Different Scenarios in Limit in Cricket Betting

A cricket punter play ten matches and wins 5 matches. You will not lose any money because you have set a loss-cut. The total profit for cricket punter will be minimum 15000*5=75000.

Information is Important in Limit in Cricket Betting.

For a cricket punter, winning five matches out of ten is not big task. One can easily make accurate predictions by going through teams, in-form players, the venue where the game is being played and head-to-head records. One should starting predicting 10 matches and place their bets on their favorite team based on all the information. A word of caution for punters is to not predict on high or low anticipated games as you might not get the desired results.

Investment Needed to Make Desired Returns

A cricket punter will need to invest almost 50000 to 100000 rupees in order to earn a profit between 25 to 50 thousand rupees. One needs to have atleast 40,000 in the online account and 60,000 in the form of cash or in a back-up account.

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