Who Will Win the ICC World Twenty20

In the beginning (or, rather, 1744), God Himself handed down the Laws of Cricket to the Great British Public, and never again did the world want for ungodly long matches at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

At least, that’s how cricket purists can sometimes sound when they decry the existence of the T20 as a cheap fast-paced dilution of their beloved game. In fairness, the T20 style of play adopted in the past few years has marked a radical departure from cricket’s more slow, stayed past.

That said, the T20 is here to stay, and with it, boundless opportunities for scoring big with a successful bet on the winner. Sites such as Unibet offer a variety of different ways to bet on the action and list favorites ranked from the most likely victors to the most improbable longshots. They give you the odds for each side, and articles to help guide you as to the chances for each squad.

Of course, T20 cricket can be hard to predict sometimes – just ask John Gilcrest.

That said, the emotional payoff for victorious fans and financial payout for successful bettors is all the more potentially rewarding as a result.

16 teams, 1 goal.

Let’s take a look at the upper bracket and the top eight teams competing in the ICC World Twenty20.

  1. Australia

Gilcrest likes his home nation’s chances, and home bias aside, you can’t blame him. The host nation stands as one of the great cricket international cricket houses, even though they have yet to win a T20 championship. Nevertheless, 2020’s squad looks locked and loaded for a shot at the title.

Australia stands at 300+ odds of winning and 175+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. England

The birthplace of cricket stands in strong contention to win the T20. Having been the runners up to eventual champion West Indies in 2016, they stand poised to take the next step and take home the title.

England stands at 375+ odds of winning and 150+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. India

India’s place as one of the premier national cricket squads is secure, and they hope to improve upon their semi-finals finish in 2016 with another strong lineup.

India stands at 375+ odds of winning and 150+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. New Zealand

Looking for a dark horse betting favorite? New Zealand were semi-finals finishers last time, and look to improve that placement with a more experienced squad this time around.

New Zealand stands at 650+ odds of winning and 260+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. South Africa

Like New Zealand, South Africa are popular dark horse favorites to shoot for the finals this year.

South Africa stands at 650+ odds of winning and 260+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. West Indies

It’s interesting that West Indies are so far down the list given their victory last time around. They might be betters’ chance to score big on a proven team at higher odds.

West Indies stands at 800+ odds of winning and 350+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan has been disappointing at the past couple T20s, not clearing the second round. If they fail to clear that hurdle again, changes may be in order.

Pakistan stands at 1220+ odds of winning and 550+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been quite uneven of late, winning back in 2014 but stumbling to the second round last time. Like Pakistan, they’ll need to do better this time around and play up to their potential, or they may face some hard choices.

Pakistan stands at 2000+ odds of winning and 800+ odds of winding up a top 2 team.

Who will make it through to the 2020 Final at Melbourne Cricket Ground?

Game on!