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Ashes Cricket 2009 Patch BETA

Ashes Cricket 2009 v1.1 Open BETA Patch

Transmission Games have released an open beta patch for Ashes Cricket 2009.

Online Changes
Included a new 5-star ‘Matches Completed’ rating that aims to highlight the reliability of playing against yourself and that of your opponent.
A connection quality indicator.
Leaderboards now update during match progress, even if you do not complete your match.
Changes to help reduce ball hovering in online games.

Single Player Changes

In addition to the online changes, some changes have been made to single player:
The difficulty of normal mode batting is now harder than in Open Beta 1 (now half way between normal and hard in Open Beta 1).
Fixed an issue with bowler’s stamina.
Adjusted the power fall off curves for lofted shots.

You can download this patch official from Here.

Since you will need BETA 1  for BETA 2, you can download BETA 1 from Here.

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