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Big Ant Studios announces a Cricket game

Cricket for current generation consoles coming soon from Australia's Big Ant Studios.

One of the most popular developers of Australia, Big Ant Studios has announced a cricket title. Big Ant Studios, the publisher of many games like Hellboy, Sprint Cars and their upcoming AFL game has published the announcement with the focus on “consoles” in their article.

“Big Ant Studios, Australia’s leading sports video game company, are proud to announce that Cricket for current generation consoles will be released this Summer – it’s Cricket like you’ve never seen it before!

Promising to be the best and most fun Cricket game ever to grace a console, the game shall include all nations of the world cup and all current formats including Fifty-overs, Test matches, and 20-20.

Stay tuned for more news and exciting competitions leading up to the launch day.”

It seems to be a console game but it may be for PC too considering their other titles. They have written “Summer 2010” as the release date in the game page.

We’ll be rushing for more information exclusively for you. Also, thanks to Rukshan (Ace) & Muhammad Zohaib Khan for reporting us through our email.

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