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Move Street Cricket for PS3

Move Street Cricket
A Street Cricket game for PS3 Move developed by Trine Games coming soon.

Move Street CricketYet another Street Cricket game, but this time it’s for PS3 Move. Developed by Trine Games, it seems to be an updated version of previously launched gameĀ Street Cricket Champions (PS2/PSP). Published by Sony, this game should release in early 2011.

You can take a look at the officially listed features of the game:


  • Its Cricket After all
  • Enacting real cricketing actions with the PS Move functionality.
  • Fast action and arcade game play.
  • 8 Detailed Playing Environments
  • Compete with Bat or Ball, unlike in realistic simulation games.
  • Real Depiction of the flair, style and passion with which the game is played around the world.
  • Unlockable real life cricket stars.Game Play
  • Team will feature 4 players from various characters available in the game.
  • Lively and action packed game play, focussed more towards style than strategy or management.
  • The Gamebreaker meter : Guaranteed powerful, stylish shot or a ball guaranteeing wicket.
  • Interactive and lively environments.
  • Biased Umpires : Gamer to control over a the way their players argue over the biased umpiring.
  • Game Play modesExhibition
  • Customizable Match between two teams.(World Cup) World Tour
  • Combination of league and knockout style matches for more immersive game play.Mini Games
  • Sand box
  • Sharp shooter
  • Time buster
  • TerminatorWe have got some images of the game including the PS3 Game cover.

    You can now buy this game through websites like Flipkart only for Rs 1499/-. Please stay with CricketGaming for more updates.

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