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New Cricket Game for Smartphone from the makers of Cricket Coach

cricket coach 2016
Cricket Coach 2016
A new cricket game from the makers of Cricket Coach named "All-Star Cricket" to be released on iOs, Android and Windows Phone.

Rockingham Software Ltd, the makers of popular Cricket Coach Series are working on a new spin-off title for smartphones named “All-Star Cricket” which will be based on the same Cricket Coach engine. They have made the announcement on their official Facebook page:

Development Update: Cricket Coach 2016 will be the next game in the Cricket Coach series. No release date has currently been set, but it is expected in late 2015. Additionally, developer Oli Norwell is working on a spin-off title for smartphones called All-Star Cricket, which will use the Cricket Coach match engine and provide bite-sized cricket entertainment on-the-go for iOS/Android/WP. –  Cricket Coach

Childish Things have already released the smartphone versions of their game International Cricket Captain so it would be interesting to see their rivals standing head-to-head.

All-Star Cricket will be a freeware game .Rockingham Softwares are also working on Cricket Coach 2016 which will be released later on this year.

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  • […] This game is not free and is available for Rs 100 (around $2 USD) on Play Store. Although there is a Demo version but since there are not too many features even in the pro version of this game, the developer should’ve released it as a freeware to make it more popular. If you’ve liked the demo version and can invest on the pro version (in a hope for future development) , this game isn’t very bad. It would be interesting to see how indie developers will compete when Rockingham Software will release their Cricket Coach on Android. […]

  • […] Rockingham Software has finally made an announcement for the release date of their next Installment of Cricket Coach series dubbed as Cricket Coach 2016. Earlier, Cricket Coach 2016 was planned to be released at the end of year 2015. The game is still in the final development stage.  However, according to their latest update on their website and social accounts, Cricket Coach 2016 is expected to be released in April 2016 while no word has been made yet on their freeware cricket game for smartphone. […]