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Trine Cricket 2010 coming soon?

Trine Games' Cricket 2010 game rumoured to be released soon.

A cricket video game from an Indian video game company Trine Games was rumoured around 1 and half years ago. The rumour started when the official website of Trine Games published some images of the game on their website titled “Cricket 2010”. There was no information released regarding this game from Trine.

According to CricketGaming’s sources, the game is in development from last 2 years and was never released or announced. The sources also reveal that the company (Trine Games) have another outsource work and that may have caused the delay in the release of the game. The company is also working with few other small companies like Animoto Studios for their cricket game for works like Motion Capturing and Animation since last 2 years.

Most recent information from any company‚Äôs official regarding this game came through the official twitter of Trine’s CEO Sangam Gupta where he has strongly hinted about this game.
“Will be posting some info about our upcoming Cricket game ” Sangam Gupta, CEO Trine (through twitter)

According to our sources, Trine’s Cricket is expected to be released soon however the exact date is still not confirmed. It could be a huge opportunity for Trine Games next year due to ICC World Cup 2011. This may also result in the change of the game’s name to something like Trine Cricket 2011.

You can view the officially released screenshots of the game:


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