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Trine’s Cricket 11 First Screenshot Leaked

Trine Cricket 11 Screenshot
Checkout the first screenshot of the upcoming game from Trine Games titled as "Cricket 11".

This article is just reference to our another article we published 2 days ago. We confirmed you about the game and also confirmed that Trine’s cricket game is coming soon. Now, we have something which somehow seems to be official. Trine’s CEO, Sangam Gupta has released a small screenshot from the game through twitter which he addresses as “Cricket 11“. It doesn’t make sense to release a game having “2010” in title since the year has almost passed hence it might be the same game which was in development from last 2 years. You can see the leaked screenshot below which is a sideview of Lord’s stadium.

Trine Cricket 11 Screenshot

He has also hinted the release date of the game to be next year. However, the publisher is still not confirmed but doesn’t “Cricket 11” seems to be a name from EA Sports? Also, if you’ll take a look at the screenshots you can notice that the kits seems to be licensed. Ahem!* EA *Ahem!

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  • Yup,
    This is the new shot of polished Stadium.
    It’s great to see the new screenshot of Trin’s Stadium.
    Hope it will release soon.

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me……………………….in which month it release