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Best Cricket Games for PSP Available in 2020

best cricket games for playstation portable

In this era of Cricket Gaming, we have cricket games with high-end graphics such as Don Bradman Cricket. While BigAnt is planning to release Don Bradman Cricket 16 this year for next-gen consoles and PC, we have decided to list the best cricket games available for PlayStation Portable. Although there aren’t any new cricket games for PSP but there are still few cricket games which you would definitely like to play on your PSP. This list includes some of the best cricket games available for PSP in 2016

  • Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play

    blic pressure play psp
    Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play was the PSP version of Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 which was released for PC and consoles. BLIC 2007 stands out to be one of the best PSP cricket game till now. The game is still available online on eBay and Amazon.


  • Street Cricket Champions 2

    street cricket champions 2
    Developed by Trine, Street Cricket is a cricket video games based on the street cricket. It’s a casual cricket video game and is a pretty decent game for handheld gaming. Although the game doesn’t have many features for the PSP owners, it is still a decent cricket game for PSP. Street Cricket Champions 2 is available on Amazon India and other online stores for less than $5 (Rs 350).


  • Street Cricket Champions

    street cricket champions psp
    Street Cricket Champions is the older version of Street Cricket Champions and it stands out to be the first realistic street cricket game for consoles and handheld gaming. According to the reviews, Street Cricket Champions was a better game than it’s later version. Street Cricket Champions is available for as low as Rs 300 on various online shopping sites.


  • International Cricket Captain 3

    international cricket captain 3 psp
    International Cricket Captain III was the only installment of popular Cricket Captain series by Childish Things which was released for PSP. Although it’s an old cricket video game, it is still enjoyable. However, in this era of Android and iOs gaming, you can also buy the Android and iOs versions of their latest installment. ICC III is still available on Amazon and eBay at a very cheap price.

It’s sad that EA and other cricket video games developers never considered PlayStation Portable as a good platform for their cricket games. Since PSP is an old handheld console, we feel that there won’t be any new cricket games in the near future. You can buy PlayStaion Portable for a very discounted prize at AskMeBazaar using through some AskmeBazaar coupons or you can also buy from other online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal using discount coupons from


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