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EA Cricket 07, Dreadful but still most popular

Cricket 07 is a dreadful game but still most popular around all cricket games.

Cricket 07 was the last cricket games from EA Sports. EA Sports generally release cricket games in alternate years and hence there was a game in year 2009 named “ICC Cricket 09”. However, the game was dropped before the official announcement leaving all the EA Cricket series fans with the old terrible Cricket 07. People speculated that EA might have realized that their game is not enough to compete with Ashes Cricket 2009 hence they dropped it. However, no official statement came from EA regarding this game.

On comparing Cricket 07 with EA’s Cricket 2005 and even Cricket 2004, the game was not up  to the expectations of people when it was released. The game was just released with a small touch –up on Cricket 2005. Many gamers complained that Cricket 07 was not even better than Cricket 2005 in terms of gameplay and graphics. The only things changed in Cricket 07 were the cutscenes, few game rules, new tournaments and new songs.

Though Cricket 07 was not as good as Cricket 2005 still it’s currently the most popular cricket game. It’s more than 3 years after the release but still there are huge amount of players. One major factor that has kept this game alive is the amount of patches made by many gamers. Whenever there is a new tournament or championship, patch makers use their skills and release patches and updates for Cricket 07 which attracts cricket gamers to play this game.

When Ashes Cricket 2009 was released, people considered that the life of C07 has come to an end but it could be the lack of compatibility of Ashes Cricket with lower specifications system or old classy gameplay system that has still made people to stick with Cricket 07 even after a grand success of Ashes Cricket 2009.

Though EA denied any plans for a cricket game after secretly dropping ICC Cricket 09 but still people are expecting a game in 2011 with license of the mighty ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. EA has faced too much criticism for Cricket 07 but still EA has produced one of the most popular cricket games ever. Another proof of this could be Cricket Gaming Awards where Cricket 07 received % of votes.

Now, the biggest question for EA Sports after a good series of cricket games from Codemasters is, Can EA bounce back? That can only be answered by the mighty football fan EA Sports.

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