The 4 Best Mobile Cricket Games to Play in Winter 2019


According to a report by Statista, at the end of 2016, there was an average of 2.8 billion people worldwide actively playing mobile games on a monthly basis.

That means the mobile gaming sector is big business and no matter what you are into, there will be a game for it on your phone.

Cricket is no difference with a plethora of mobile offerings all trying to capture your attention.

Naturally, mobile cricket games will never quite match the real thing, but technology has evolved to help get us closer to the action as have online cricket betting platforms that enable in-depth markets and sometimes even live-stream capabilities.

So, if you have a bit of spare time on the commute and fancy tucking into a few overs, which mobile cricket games should you give a go?


Stick Cricket Premier League

The Stick Cricket franchise has been around since 2006 and is one of the most popular and common cricket games you will come across.

It is also one of the best with any pick of the games worth a go.

However, one standout title is the Premier League game which is essentially the IPL.

You can play as any of the IPL teams such as Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad and even current champions Mumbai Indians.

There is also an option to travel the world and take on some of the biggest international sides in the world.

If you just want to kill a bit of time with batting action only and plenty of boundaries, then Stick Cricket Premier League is the perfect pick up and go game.


World Cricket Championship 2

With scintillating graphics that put the old PlayStation one and two to shame, World Cricket Championship is a detailed game that has stunning graphics that will please your eye.

The game-play is also in-depth with options to play Test cricket, ODI’s or T20 with a host of national teams to choose from and a whopping 32 stadiums from around the world including all the usual suspects.

Customisation is also a big part and shots such as the helicopter can be mastered giving real attention to detail not often seen in a mobile game.


Big Bash Cricket

Unsurprisingly, Big Bash cricket is inspired by the Aussie T20 tournament – The Big Bash – and it does not disappoint for big hitting action at every turn of the game.

Authentic player names and all eight Big Bash teams are included in the game with a full 360 view of the ground allowing you to really feel a part of the action.

You can also play literally any shot in cricket too really making this game standout from the crowd.


Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is fairly similar to Stick Cricket in that it is all about smashing as many runs as possible in a limited number of overs.

A nice feature is that player upgrades and the ability to level up has been included to offer a little more depth to just the simple hit left or right with the bat play.

Other than that, Smash Cricket is pretty simple to get to grips with and another great game to pick up and go if your own time is limited.

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