Cricket Revolution Interviews

Interview with MindStorm Studios

An exclusive Interview with Mindstorm Studios regarding their upcoming title Cricket Revolution

1. Cricket Revolution has been in development for a long time now and it was supposed to be release in 2008 and now its 2009 and we’re nearly halfway through the year so If you plan to release the game this year what will be the approximate release date ?

Our development team is working hard to get the game out to the waiting cricket fan base as soon as possible. We can’t reveal an exact release date yet but rest assured it will be out this year (2009). We’ll be making a few major announcements soon, so stay tuned to the game’s website.

2. What are the current developments in the game ?

There’s a lot happening on the development end to bring the best experience possible to the gaming community. We’ve added a bunch of features to the game over the past months both on the gameplay backend as well as the community front end to give the gamer a very rich and involving cricket gaming experience. I can’t say much here, but we’ll be updating our website very soon where we’ll be revealing all these features (and more!) to the cricket fan base.

3. Everyone is very eager to get more updates so any chance of getting new screenshots/videos etc ?

Yes. We’ll have a bunch of game updates (including lots of new media) on our new site.

4. The very important demo questions when will people get a demo of this game ?

Our development team has been working closely with close-knit beta testers to constantly improve the game. At this stage, we do not have a public beta/demo planned; however we will be inviting gamers from forums such as these for a closed demo shortly. We will be announcing more details on this on our new website.

5. Codemasters have announced their Ashes Cricket 2009, There is a rumor of EA Cricket 09/10 release as well as Cricket Life may release by the end of this year so where does Cricket Revolution be standing according to you in these 3 games ?

That’s a good question. Historically, there have only been two mainstream 3D cricket engines on the market: EA’s and Codemaster’s; ours (and others) will be next in line. When you write a 3D cricket engine from ground up, you end up with game mechanics and gameplay variances that are vastly different from the currently existing engines. So Cricket Revolution will look, feel, and play completely differently from the titles you’ve mentioned. The question is: does “different” necessarily mean “better”? We certainly hope so! But that’s up to the community and the fans to judge, not us. On our end, the game has been designed and coded by core gamers with a love for the sport and a no-compromise attitude to solid gameplay. From what our initial beta tests tell us, gamers love the game. We hope all cricket fans out there will too.

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