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5 Main Reasons behind India Cricket Success

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From the first documented Indian cricket match in 1751, the beautiful game instantly won a place in resident’s hearts. Centuries down the line, cricket remains a powerful force in India, with the country winning several World Cups and other prominent trophies. 

At the moment, with strong contenders like West Indies and Sri Lanka waning, India manages to stand firm amid several hindrances along the way. However, do you have an idea of what has kept Indian cricket ticking all along? Join us as we set the ball rolling on the reasons behind the success. 

  1. Rich History 

Indisputably, India has a rich reputation of cricket, deeply entrenched in the country’s heritage. Understandably, almost everyone has ever played cricket sometime in their lives or watched a couple of matches. 

From Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab to Baroda, cricket is the only game always on everyone’s lips. Given that the sport is taught in Indian schools, this approach has significantly given it broad coverage. In addition, cricket is an easy game to learn and play. 

As a result, players do not have to work extra hard apart from being persistent and diligent. With this in mind, it seems like India’s great love for cricket is going nowhere anytime soon.

  1. India Premier League (IPL) Influence

A lot has happened in the cricket world after IPL took over in 2008. Impressively, IPL grew in heaps and bounds right away after the formation. One memorable episode is the first YouTube live appearance of a sporting event in 2010. 

Close to a decade later, Duff & Phelps valued the brand at $ 6 million in 2019. Other than exposing India to the world, IPL has continuously made the country a cricket powerhouse. There is solid support from support staff, coaches, and others for such a big brand name to thrive. Hence IPL plays a significant role in improving the lives of everyone involved and also through various sponsorships.

Similarly, players benefit immensely from financial improvements. Currently, with gaming taking the world by storm, IPL takes a leading position in sports betting. During and after IPL seasons, punters can place a stake in the Best IPL Betting Sites. Through a quick registration process, betting on one of the most renowned platforms increases your chances of winning mega jackpots. 

  1. Great Fan Support

Apart from being the most admired game in the country, cricket brings together masses of people from different calibers. Fans bring life to any game and significantly transform the sport’s industry. Thankfully, India does not have to try too hard to convince fans to fill stadiums during cricket matches. 

Without persuasion, fans buy tickets, merchandise and support their favorite teams in any way possible. Not only does this approach motivate players, but it also makes an enormous difference in persuading other followers. Behind it all, without the massive and encouraging support from the fans, India’s cricket industry would not be close to where it is today.  

  1. Players

Without the talented players, India would not have managed to make such impressive progress in the world. From the players playing in the national league, sports clubs, and schools, they make the backbone to the entire success. 

Fortunately, from school training, each generation of players successfully takes a position in future teams. While the fresh talent brings enhanced abilities, this approach also keeps the success rolling for decades to come.

  1. India Cricket Clubs and Academies

At the moment, there are several cricket clubs and academy centers all over Indian states.  Some of the most outstanding centers are the National School of Cricket, Sehwag Cricket Academy and Karnataka Institute of Cricket.  

The main reason behind prominent players joining the academies is to learn world class cricket techniques and tricks behind success in an inventive environment.  Also, when young players receive training from famous world tutors, it increases their stamina and the zeal to strive on no matter what. 

The Last Word

Evidently, cricket’s success story in India starts from the forefather’s input. The main reason behind this longevity is because Indians became aware of the exciting and relaxing factor behind cricket. Indeed, due to cricket firm hold in Indian’s customs, there is a high probability of becoming more popular in recent times.

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