IPL 2020 and Coronavirus, the Game is on

ipl 2020

There’s no doubt about the scare Coronavirus has caused in the whole world. While the entire world is following the process of Quarantine, the same applied to the world of Cricket too.

Originally, IPL 2020 is scheduled to start from 29th March 2020 but due to the recent government policies for the safety of the citizens and players, they’ve decided to take necessary steps by putting a delay on the tournament.

While Delhi and Bengaluru govt have decided not to conduct any IPL matches as of now, the fate of the tournament is still hanging on the edge.

However, BCCI is planning to reschedule the tournament after the approvals from all the franchise.

According to Sourav Ganguly, BCCI will assess the conditions every week and will decide the fate of the tournament. It also might be possible that the IPL 2020 likely to be truncated.

IPL is World’s one of the most favorite T20 leagues, and is a source of entertainment for the crowd and even the players.

Former IPL Superstar, who was the highest paid IPL Player in 2009, Kevin Pietersen reveals what this tournament means to him and how it has changed his life.

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