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Most Popular Cricket Bets : Guide and Tips

Popular Cricket Bets

All cricket matches show chaotic participation cross country, and bets are attracted in gigantic volumes with even higher margins on turnover. When the match season has begun, there is consistently a match to put down a wager each day! Hence, the bettors can make handsome profits on every winning bet. 

With the increasing interest of Indians in cricket betting, the betting platforms have even started to offer a special opportunity to obtain new clients. There are various online bookmakers available in India that offer amazing promotions on online cricket betting.

If you too are looking to cash in on this cricket betting season, take note of some of the most popular cricket bets and get started!

There are different options for betting on Cricket. So, it doesn’t matter what you choose; chances are you’ll find the standard deals for yourself.

Apart from the normal bets, there are variations of these that you can bet on: mysterious or definite. Here are a few:

Match Betting

It is the most common format on which most of the bettors wager their money. In this type of bet, the objective is to identify which of two teams will be superior or dominate the other team in an individual match like a single game or ODI within a tournament or series challenge.

Tied Match

Many bettors prefer to place their bets on the possibility of Test matches ending in a draw. This bet is also known as ‘Draw No Bet’ and can be placed in combination with Match betting. You can use it as a form of a hedge if weather conditions, slow play, or other situations may end the Match without declaring a winner.

Some popular operators also offer a bet known as ‘Double Chance’ through which a user can enjoy the option of ‘side to win or draw.’ The best part of wagering money in the Double chance is that you can bet against a Tied Match by taking ‘both sides.’

Series Winner

It is common in cricket for teams to play a three or five-game tournament instead of a single match. The best example of this is ‘The Ashes.’ A five-game series played between Australia and England. In this type of bet, the bettor needs to choose a side that will win the best of three or five games. If you predicted right, you won the money; otherwise, you need to try your luck again.

Outright Winner

This bet is placed on tournaments like the ICC Champions Trophy, the Cricket World, the ICC Women’s World Cup, and the World Twenty20. A bettor needs to choose a team that will win the entire tournament instead of a single match.

It should be noted that picking an Outright Winner is not so easy as there are so many options you need to wager your money on a team. It is the reason why bookmakers offer higher betting odds for Outright Winner bets.

 Special Tip to Win in Outright Winner Bets

One of the best strategies to be a winner in this type of bet is to narrow the field of potential winners to two or three teams and bet on each team to make sure you earn a profit no matter which team wins.


Let’s take a tour on this.

Win Toss

In this proposition wager, a bettor needs to predict which team will win the toss before the beginning of a match. Instead of true odds, the operator offers typical odds of 10/11 on either side, and the best thing is that the bettor gets guaranteed profit if the action is balanced.

Toss Combination

You may take it as an advance stage of the Win Toss bet in which a bettor needs to predict which team will win the toss and the winning team will bat or bowl first. Please keep a note that both aspects of this bet must be true to win the bet.

Odd or Even Run Scores

In this, a player’s objective is to predict whether the runs scored by a team will be an even or odd number.

First Innings Score

It is also an odd and even wager but limited to the total score of the team batting first. In simple words, you need to predict the score of the first innings to win the bet.  

Match Scores

In this type of bet, you need to predict the total number of runs scored by a team at the end of a single match. The best part is that you don’t need to choose a specific number as you have to pick a range under which the team will score. For example, you won’t choose 156, but you need to pick 150-160 to win the bet.

Over/Under Scores

In this type of bet, you need to predict the runs scored by two teams combined. The major challenge is to identify whether the score would be under or over a given benchmark.

Teams Innings Runs

In this type of wager, you need to predict the number of runs a team will score in a given innings, and if you predict it right, you win the wager.  

Most Match Sixes

In this type of wager, the objective of a bettor is to identify the team which will hit the most sixes to win the bet.   

Most Run Outs

Under Most run-outs wager, you need to predict the team which will have the most run-outs during the Match or series.

Total Fours

A bettor needs to predict the total fours hit by both teams during a match or tournament in this type of bet. However, some bookmakers also give you a benchmark to make a bet easy for the bettors.


Partnerships wager falls under the category of in-play or in-running sections of online sportsbook. Under this wager, a bettor needs to predict the team that meets the criteria. It should be noted that every bookmaker keeps a specific benchmark, and you need to predict a side that will meet the criteria. For example, Highest Opening Partnership, and you need to choose the team that will do it.

Highest 1st 15 Overs

The highest 1st 15 Overs wager is also known as Team to Make Highest 1st 15 Overs Score. This bet is similar to Match Betting with a slight difference. Under this bet, you need to predict the team which will score more than another team under fifteen overs.

For example, if you are wagering on a One Day International match, you need to predict the team which will score more runs under fifteen overs instead of fifty overs.


And the players, of course.

Top Batsman

Under Top Batsman wager, the objective of a bettor is to predict the name of a batsman who will score the most runs during the Match, series, or tournament. This bet comes in different formats so that you can place your bets on your favorite players easily. These markets are- Top Home Batsman, Match Top Batsman, Top Away Batsman, and Top Series Batsman.

While it isn’t easy to predict the name of a specific batsman, you will get lucrative odds when you wager your money on this bet.

Team of Top Batsman

If you think Top Batsman wager is harder for you, invest your money in Team of Top Batsman under which you need to predict the team from which the top batsman will emerge. If you predict the right team, you win the bet.

Top Bowler

If you are a fan of Bumrah or want to wager your money on Yuzvendra Chahal, the Top Bowler bet is made for you. Under this bet, the objective of a bettor is to predict the name of the bowler who will take the most wickets during a match, series, or tournament.

Individual Bowlers Series Wickets

Under Individual Bowlers Series Wickets wager, you need to predict the number of wickets a specific bowler will take during a tournament. For example, the bookmaker will ask you: How many wickets will Bhuvneshwar Kumar take in IPL 2021? Here, you need to pick a number and place your bet.

Man of the Match

Under the Man of the Match wager, you need to predict the name of the player who will claim the title of Man of the Match at the end of the Match. You will generally find this bet in the major contests like IPL, ICC Champions Trophy, etc. Sometimes, you may find it with the name of Player of the Series.

Batsman Matches

Under this wager, the bookmaker places two players against each other and can be from the same team. A bettor’s objective is to pick a player who will score the most runs or hit the most sixes and other head-to-head propositions.

Top Score 50 Runs

Under this simple bet, you need to predict the name of the player who will reach this batting milestone.

Century to be Scored in the Match

It is a simple bet under which you need to choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and predict whether there will be a century in the Match or not.

Player Performances

Under this bet, you need to predict the number of runs that will be scored by a specific player. For example, suppose you want to wager your money on your favorite player Rohit Sharma. You can place your bets under Player Performances bet and predict how many runs he will score.    

Suppose you are ready to wager your money on different formats of cricket. In that case, we recommend placing bets of the lower amount to practice and becoming perfect enough to wager a huge amount of money on your favorite game.   

Types of cricket formats to bet on

Cricket is played in different formats: Cricket Test, International One Day (ODI), and T20. More often than not, a sports betting site will offer a range of markets for all three. 

  1. Bet on Test Matches. The Test Matches are the oldest and most traditional format, played over five days with four innings 2 each team.
  2. Bets on ODIs. ODIs are a somewhat faster form of Cricket. The match lasts around a day, and each team beat once with their innings limited to 50 overs.
  3. Bet on T20. Twenty20 often, known as T20, is the quickest format. The game consists of 20 overs per team, and each game lasts approximately three hours. 

Some of the best sites for online cricket betting

It depends! Only a punter can know which site is best for him. Some might like the website that offers payouts and bets in a specific currency (like INR), while others like the site with huge sports games to place a bet.

Therefore, the websites that we have mentioned in our list are simply the result of all the features we enjoy, and the factors we know favor the bettors. Here is a random list of our recommendations for an online bettor looking to wager on cricket.


Bet365 has a strong focus on sports betting and has a dedicated cricket division for cricket fans. It covers a huge selection of all major cricket matches like and because of this, they are used by many professional cricket punters worldwide.

Main characteristics
Many sports offersFast and secure paymentsAccept Indian currencyLive Chat 24/7


 For over ten years, Betway has been among the best betting options in Crockett, with a huge collection of different matches from T20 international to IPL for punters in India and around the world. You can also benefit from the wide variety of test sets, tournaments, and leagues from all over the world. Plus, also provide expert cricket betting advice throughout the match.

Main characteristics
Allow payment in INRAttractive bonuses and promotionsSafe to join, secure and mobile friendly


10Cric is a well-known betting site in the Indian market because bettors can deposit and withdraw in Indian currency. The site’s primary focus is cricket as you would have guessed from its name. Hence, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for cricket betting only.

Main characteristics
Convenient payment methodsExtremely generous sports betting oddsReliable, clean and easy to use site


Dafabet has a special area for cricket fans where punters can bet on any cricket match and enjoy the exciting action. The site also allows them to bet on the main international and national matches and tournaments organized in India and other countries.

Main characteristics
Excellent customer serviceOffers a special Sport bonusFlexible withdrawal limitsWide range of secure games


Parimatch is one of the leading betting sites and offers a comprehensive list of sporting events, leagues, championships, and other cricket tournaments. They provide the safest and most secure platform for placing cricket bets online in India.

Main characteristics
Safe platform to earn massive moneyConvenient payment methodsQuick withdrawals24/7 online support

There are numerous well-known and legal Indian betting sites in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the right one, you need to do a basic analysis to start betting.


Cricket betting is an incredible way to help you get even deeper into one of your favorite sports. If you are a newbie to the cricket betting world, take your time to start betting with smaller amounts on some of the primary bets mentioned-above. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of cricket betting.

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